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Welcome to C. Perkins Photography

Hello and Welcome to C. Perkins Photography!

My wife Jo Anne and myself, would like to thank you for taking the time to stop by and looking at what we have to offer you.

Our commitment to providing you with great quality portraits along with packages that allow you to choose the size and quantity that fits your needs at a reasonable price. This is what helps set us apart from others that offer predetermined  packages with only one pose and a bunch of sizes you don't want or need. 

Use can use your print credit for any size, quantity, pose or even custom collages.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to book your session.

Contact us at photos@cperkinsphotography.com or 315-592-2033



SUNY Oswego  Athletics

SUNY Oswego Theatre Dept.

SUNY Oswego Alumni Association

St. Paul's Leprechaun Basketball League

Pulaski Girl's Basketball League

Fulton Figure Skating Club

Kami's Kix Dance Studio

Natalie's School of Dance


Granby Elementary PTG

Red Creek PTA

Fulton Pop Warner Cheerleading

Hannibal FD Women's Auxiliary 


News Channel 9 Weather Calendar

PRO Monthly magazine

Various Camping/Survival Magazines/Websites

SUNY Oswego Athletics programs

SUNY Oswego Alumni magazine

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